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Types of Cocktail Glasses to Have in Your Home

There is a wide variety of cocktail glasses that you can find in the market. There are many online shops that can deliver these glasses right to your doorstep. Especially in a pandemic, it can be hard to go out because of safety guidelines. So it can be a treat to make some cocktails at home and enjoy them with a close friend or two.

When you’re shopping for a cocktail glasses set, you have to consider which cocktails you drink more often and which cocktail glasses can be used for a variety of drinks. Cocktail glasses can be quite expensive so you need to know exactly what you’re planning to make and how the shapes of the glasses can influence the flavor and experience of the drink. While there are rules that determine which drink should be presented in what type of glass, you have a bit more freedom at home and you can choose something that you prefer. You don’t necessarily have to look for the exact type of glass for the beverage. But to give a basic idea of what is normally used for what, we will be looking at the uses of common glass shapes.

Old fashioned cocktail glasses or single rocks glasses can be used when drinking a spirit neat. You can see these in many shapes and sizes. So you have to think about the capacity that you will drink in one go when choosing a size. You can also do cocktails that require small volumes in this glass, simply because of its size. You might have a bit of confusion about single rock and double rock glasses. Double rock glasses don’t necessarily mean that they are double the volume of a single rock glass. However, they are slightly bigger and you can have fewer refills when you’re using this glass. Both these glass types have straight walls.

A coupe glass was traditionally used for Champagne but because of its wide opening, the carbonation of the Champagne tends to fizzle out much quicker. Therefore, this glass can be used for chilled cocktails that you don’t dilute with ice. The stem of the coupe comes in handy as you will not be warming up the drink with the heat of your hand. There are many variations of the coupe glass from oversized bowl shapes to glasses with thicker and shorter stems that will help you avoid spilling.

Nick and Nora glasses are a cross between a martini glass and a coupe. You can use it for any drink that you use in a coupe glass. But a Nick and Nora glass is a lot more delicate in appearance and shape comparatively. People generally tend to confuse the highball glasses and the Collins glasses to be the same. But the highball glasses are tall and thin with a smaller capacity while the Collins glass is taller and has a larger capacity. You can use drinks that go with ice in both these glasses.

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