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Top 5 Outdoor Kids’ Party Ideas

In the age of the pandemic, indoor parties are not the most viable option. Not only is it safer, but children can have way more fun during outdoor events. Kids are pumped up with adventure and constantly dreaming about the great outdoors.

So, why not have a party there as well? After being quarantined for a good while with a barrage of zoom birthdays, the outdoors will be a nice change of atmosphere and will have excitement buzzing in the air for any kids’ parties. Here are some of the best outdoor kids’ party ideas:

1.      Jungle Safari

Wild life is meant for the outdoors. A jungle themed party is definitely a top pick for an outdoor party. You can decorate the outsides with jungle theme items from leaves, animal cut-outs, with the food and cake to match.

Add in some wild life games, a few real-life animals with a zoo keeper to make it more realistic and 100 times more fun! Kids can come in safari outfits or dressed as their favourite animals. The best part is this type of party is gender neutral, if your child loves animals, well this idea is just waiting to unfold.

2.      Daisies

A daisy themed party is a total summery fantasy. Almost all girls would love this theme. Book a huge garden venue, add in a bouncy house, yellow and white balloons with daisy décor along with daisy themed food and cupcakes. It will be a day to remember.

The birthday girl could wear a white or yellow dress to match the theme as well. There are plenty of boutiques online that have the best party dresses for girls. They will make her stand out as the prettiest daisy of them all.

3.      Picnic Party

Colourful floor pillows, a unicorn or bohemian theme, funky tassels and super cute utensils to match the theme is a dream come true for any girl. You can elevate a basic picnic experience to a glamorous party for your daughter. Add in an eclectic mix of cushions, a beautifully curated picnic table and include some suitable décor. You will create an elegantly memorable day for your precious girl.

4.      Welcome to the Circus

A circus themed party is a whirlwind of fun. Most boys would prefer this particular theme. You can get a variety of circus elements and have it in your own back garden. Decorate the garden with fun lights, lanterns, colourful and vibrant circus signs and you could even add in a photo-booth and clown to complete the circus look. Make sure to have some circus-themed food and packages with party favours to really bring it all together.

5.      Movie Night

This is especially good for kids in their preteens. You can make the invite in the shape of a movie ticket and create the whole outdoor movie atmosphere in your very own garden. Hire a large projector, get the speakers ready, rent a popcorn machine, get some other movie snacks ready and nicely decorate the outdoors with comfortably stylish cushions and mats for everyone to sit on. Basically, create your own seating and concession stand. This will be a night your child will thank you for some day!

Choose a theme, lock in the date and get planning!


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