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The Fashion Talk You Need to Hear

Back in the days remember how we spent our time playing the Dress Up games as kids? That was the best pastime in every girl’s childhood. These games had opened our eyes to a sense of fashion. 

From choosing a style to matching accessories, from fancy clothing to the right pair of footwear, everything was in our hands. With just a few swipes, we were able to decide what suits the skin the best.

Even fashion show games were a big part of our gaming routine. The glamorous clothing and long fancy gowns helped us determine the most attractive outfit for the ramp. These games were just a mare thing to play for fun, but the underlying truth is, it instils in us the importance of dressing up appropriately.

The glam, the ramp walk, the spotlights in the game are also happening in reality. Some observations are as apparent as the fashion week show or the Miss World program, and some as discreet as a random walk down the street. However, in either manner, it is expected to dress suitably, in the correct sense. As individuals, it is our responsibility to present ourselves the way we want people to perceive us.

Dressing for occasions

Thus, this makes it clear why teenage dresses for an interview vs. a party are different. The dress code is event-based. A meeting, a job interview, or a ceremony; these events speak of formal style. Hence, a kitty party, a birthday bash, or the New Year’s Eve, casual attire is the most fitting in these plans.

Likewise, the prom night demands a glamorous appearance, although you can put up a misery, horror-filled look for a Halloween party. So, it is simple to choose the right attire!

Yet, is it that simple? How we, as teenagers, wished we could select the best outfit for the functions. Besides having the concept right, and the availability of the infinite options, it is the most daunting task to pick the apt attire. One could count on their beloved for the selection; it is the best life-line.

Types of Dresses

Midi Dress- It is less than a maxi, more than a mini dress. Yes! This piece could suit any level of formality; of the event. Also, it fits for anybody form, so it a win-win!Thus, it is a quick grab in situations where you are unsure about how formal the gathering.

A-line dress- The outfit got its name from the shape of it. It fits tight at the hip and increasingly flares out towards the hem, forming an A shape. It is best suited for pear-shaped figures. With ease to put it on and take it off, this style speaks of casualty.

Halter Dress- The long apparel features a strapless and sleeves top half, with a knot around the neck. Some halter dresses do not have a bow on the top, but it is fabric-secured. It is an ideal outfit for a complementary look, showing off the broad shoulders.

However, if you plan to shop alone, trying out dresses from every style and design can be overwhelming. Therefore, the above mentioned is a guide to a few stylish and trendy kinds of dresses. It can be a life-saving asset.


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