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The period after spring just before autumn is special for almost everybody. Summer is the season that is synonymous with sunshine and color. While it is important to proceed on your summer vacation with warm and colorful clothes, you need to pack up your jewellery until next year. Jewellery has kept your company through the cold winter and the misty autumn and picks up jewellery that fits the season. Foremost jeweller, Jewellery, by Alirah takes us through a list of best jewellery for the hot season. 

Versatile jewellery

Versatile jewellery is the best for the summer because you can wear a jewellery piece in as many ways as possible. For instance, when you pick up an earring, the smaller stud can be worn alone; you can also add the dangler to make it look bigger or make a fashion statement. Versatile jewellery is referred to as transformable jewellery, and it is a major trend this summer. The chain can be transformed into a bracelet, ring, or even a pendant.


Although they originated from Africa during the Egyptian civilization but became a trend since women began to flaunt their ears instead of wrapping them up, whether big or small hoops are a must-have all through the year, they represent a simple but classy fashion statement.

Lightweight jewels

According to Jewellery by Alirah, women nowadays want jewellery that is chic, lightweight, and summer-friendly. This demand places light jewels at the top of the trend list.

Less is more

In recent times, women no longer pay attention to eye-catching jewellery, they prefer the ones with simplistic outlook, yet capable of bringing out their elegance and catching the eye of anyone who bothered to look; this popularized the ‘less is more mantra’ which suggests women indulging in simple bracelets, chokers, cuffs, diamond rings, earrings or drop pendant.

The flower attack Jewellery with flowery designs are colors that are perfect for the summer since the season itself has some floral vibes attached to it. Brooches, necklaces, earrings, and rings embedded in white gold with a volley of stones in different shades are major trends in jewellery this summer.

Raw stones & Meenakari is back

Raw stones are a sight to behold, no doubt and if you are considering what trend to get on right now, then ramping this summer with natural stones is worth considering. You would agree with that combining uncut gemstones set in classic gold makes a perfect combination. In addition the historic Indian meenakari traditional work is back and extremely popular with the traditional Indian bride.

Baroque pearl

Baroque pearl is the irregular pearl in a non-spherical shape that used to be popular decades ago. In 2020, they are now back as one of the trending jewellery styles. Several bigwig designers have showcased their Baroque collection this year alone; the most notable is Alexander McQueen and Dior. An oval-shaped pearl with sprinkles of gold feels just perfect on a beautiful and elegant woman’s neck or ears.

Before you proceed on your summer trip anywhere in the world, pay extra attention to the trend tips listed above courtesy of Jewellery by Alirah


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