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Simple Ways to Appreciate Your Wife

Your wife is probably one of the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet. She plays the role of a wife, daughter and mother all together, caring for you, your kids and your parents, all together. In many instances her services go unnoticed and she is often taken for granted so here are some sweet yet easy things you can do to show her that you appreciate her.

Wash the dishes

Believe me, nothing makes your wife happier than if you wash the dishes at lunch or dinner. After all, she cooked for the whole family and deserves a moment to relax and enjoy. Make it a habit to divide chores among you. If she cooks, you do the dishes and let her rest. If you’re busy too, you can get her a dishwasher that will do the job for her.

Put dirty clothes in their place

You may come home very tired, but there is nothing better in a man than his organization, and instead of leaving your dirty clothes on the bathroom floor or scattered on the bed, make it a point to put them in the laundry basket; that’s the least you could do. Make sure you don’t just try tossing them to the basket and letting it sit on the floor next to the basket. If it does land outside, pick it up and place it again in the basket.

Cooperate with chores around the house

The classic macho education died years ago, now men also support the basic chores of the home: washing, ironing, scrubbing, repairing, collecting, sweeping and a thousand other chores. You two can come up with a roster that will divide the work fairly.

Take care of the children

This is a mission of utmost importance: children must be cared for and cared for equally by women and men, in order to provide quality rest times for struggling mother. So, forget the TV, leave the cell phone and the computer, because once at home you must attend to the children equally to reinforce family ties. Sit down with them and get them to do their homework, play with them and spend time with them.

Buy her a little gift on the way home

Romance shouldn’t be dead in your marriage just because you two have both gotten busy. Stop by the flower cart and pick out a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Some Susan Shaw jewelry will be of great value too, if you feel like buying something more elaborate. A voucher for a day at the spa or salon can be a great idea for her to spend a relaxing day.

Cater to your cravings

Nothing says “I love you” better than knowing that your wife will rejoice after you get home with any of her favourite cravings. A box of cookies, cupcakes, chocolates or ice cream, these little treats will let her know you truly care for her and want to see her happy. You’ll enjoy seeing her face light up as she munches on some delicious chocolates.


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