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Simple Skin Care Routines for Men

When we hear the words, skin care we automatically picture a girl’s spa day with facemasks, cucumber on our eyes and exotic sounding product names. It looks fancy and sometimes a little overboard but in reality, skin care is no joke. Your face is the first thing someone notices and it is your job to make it look as great as possible.

A skin care routine is essential to both men and women. Whereas women are a little easier to convince in this regard, below is a simple skin care routine man should seriously consider adopting. The wide variety of products coupled with these simple steps will make the routine a whole lot easier.

Facial Cleanser/ exfoliator

This is the least you should do in the entire routine. Unlike some men who are particular about the products they use, using normal soap to wash your face isn’t going to cut it. A facial cleaner or exfoliator is made with ingredients specified to cleanse your pores removing dust and oil allowing the next few products to do its job.

Eye cream

An eye cream is used for the sole purpose of healing the stress your eyes go through throughout the day. If you are someone who is constantly staring at a computer screen or are exposed to the sun for many hours of the day, an eye cream eases the tension around your eyes. It takes care of dark circles and wrinkles making the skin more supple and younger. Also, it’s just something you apply before you sleep so no one is really going to see you walk around with cream around your eyes.


Most men dislike using a moisturizer because it tends to feel thick and sticky on the skin. It may leave an oily look that looks more sweaty than clean. However,a moisturizer is one of the most essential products, it relives the skin of dryness and hydrates throughout the day; there is no reason to avoid the product. With the wide variety of products available you can easily find something mild and less intense that still provides the moisture your skin needs.


If you are really serious about your skin care routine then using a serum for your face is a great idea. It’s an oil-based substance aimed at locking in moisture and hydration. However, even if you disregard this, a beard serum is a must. It moisturizes your facial hair keeping it in place and boosting growth.

Face Masks

At the end of a long week the tiredness and stress really does show on your face. Facemasks revitalizes your skin infusing it with essential oils aimed at rejuvenating and hydrating skin. It isn’t really a requirement but the difference really will tell.

Skin care should be taken seriously, with the pollution and demanding environments we work in taking care of your health and skin is a requirement rather than an option.


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