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Picking a Watch Strap: 5 Pro Tips

The effort you spend to pick a watch should be the same when it comes to picking your strap to compliment the watch. The watch strap will not only improve the aesthetics of the watch but will also add to the comfort of the watch.

Below are 5 tips to follow when looking to for a watch strap.

Pick the Right Size

The first thing to do when looking for the right size is to measure the width between the lugs of your watch. This is where the strap attaches to the watch. This will ensure that the strap will perfectly fit the watch. If the strap is too big then then it will most likely pop off, or if it too small then there will be gap and the strap will shift in an annoying manner.

The width between the lug is measured in millimetres this is why you will commonly see sizes like 22 or 24mm when watch shopping. Even modern tech wearables like Samsung watch bands come in different sizes now.

So, the first step is to measure the lug width using a ruler or looking it up on Google or the manufacturer’s website. Even numbers are quite popular and odd numbers are hard to come by.

Pick the Right Length

Watch straps come in a standard length and will usually fit most wrists. However, if your wrists are unusually small or big then you might have to opt for a longer or shorter strap.

To be on the safe side try and get the measurement right using a soft tape measure on your wrist while laying it on a flat surface. Strap lengths are also measured using millimetres similar to tug width. However, if you are on an American website you might see the measurements in inches.

Another thing you’ll notice when looking for straps are that there are two measurements noted side by side, for example, 140/80mm. The first number denotes the strap with the holes and the shorter measurement is for the buckle end.

Buy the Right Tools

Watch straps can be replaced at your closest watch store or you can even do it at home. To remove a watch strap, you need a spring bar tool. You can also use a knife or a small screwdriver.

Spring bars also have various sizes and you’ll to get the correct size. However, most of the straps nowadays are quick release.

Pick the Right Material

After figuring out all the size measurements, the next step is to pick the right material. A good material will add on to the aesthetic of the watch and also plays the main role when it comes to comfortability.

The most common type of watch straps are leather, stainless steel and silicone rubber. Leather straps is the premium option while rubber straps are the cheapest.

These are 4 main tips when picking a watch strap. Hopefully this quick read will help you select the ideal strap for your watch.


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