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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings

Just like choosing the perfect dress, choosing the ring is also an important part in wedding shopping. When buying the perfect ring, there are a few factors that you need to focus on. It has to match or complement your engagement ring. But unlike the engagement ring, this time you are choosing rings for you and your partner both and therefore it has to be something you both like. Take a look at the following shopping tips to see how you can pick the best rings for your big day.

Discuss Your Preferences

The first step is to discuss both of your preferences. What kind of metals you like; silver, platinum, gold or rose gold? Do you want it to be of the exact same design as your engagement ring? What kind of designs you and your partner prefer? Do you want them to be complementary couple rings or are you ok with having slight differences in your ring styles? Before going into the store, find out these factors. This will help you to know exactly what to look for and what to ask from the store and designers.


It is easy to get carried away when buying the rings but remember that there are many other things you need to spend on. Overspending on one thing in a wedding shopping list means you have to cut the money you might spend on other things such as the rest of your jewellery and the outfit. So, plan a practical budget with your partner. What is the price range you both are comfortable with? Once this is settled you can start looking for the rings that fall within your capacity to spend.

Start Searching Early

Similar to dress shopping, this too is something you should start early. This is because you will need time to do your research on designers and stores as well. Don’t stop at one shop. Browse a couple of store websites. Try using keywords on your searches to look for choices that match your preferred style.

For example, if you both want diamond rings, then type in women’s and mens diamond wedding rings. If you want matching pieces, type in couple rings for weddings. Once the online part is over, then it is time to note down a few stores and visit them. Try them on to see if they really fit you or if they match your style. Early shopping will also give you a head start to get them designed if you are not satisfied with the ready-made designs in the stores.

Mixing Metals

One of the biggest myths on jewellery world is that if you want to match you need to buy the same metal. But this might put you in trouble when you are shopping for jewellery. For example, you might have a gold band but the rest of the jewellery you picked for your dress might be in rose gold.

Or your partner may prefer a different metal. Remember that this is ok. If the rose gold earrings and necklace fits your dress well and meets your style and needs, then go for it without fretting. If your partner wants a different metal colour, then it is fine. You can always compromise and decide on a similar engraving or a pattern.

Remember to always shop with an open mind. This way, if the rings you choose don’t match the dream outfit in your head, you can always look for other options.


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