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Does Your Wardrobe Get Upgraded Frequently?

What you wear tells a story about you. Wherever you go, if you are not dressed for the occasion people will watch. We learn in school that it is not nice to stare but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. If you see somebody wearing a Halloween costume during a Christmas party you would also be confused, right? Even though not so drastic a variation, we also tend to wear the wrong outfit to the wrong occasion. Even though the world is quite open now regarding what you can and can’t wear some rules of thumbs are still intact.

Why Should You Go for New Stuff?

It is said that while men “buy”, ladies tend to “shop”. For the woman, there needs to be a lot of options to choose from. Although this is not strictly a 100% true, seven times out of ten a woman will ask for a different colour or a different size of a certain garment. Whilst you are constantly shopping and buying new stuff, have you reflected on why are you doing it?

If it is just to upgrade your wardrobe that might be a waste of money. You have to go for new stuff but it is not to compete with another person or to stick to the newest fashion lines. When you know what statement, your clothes want to make, then you would know what to go for when you are shopping for new clothes.

Don’t Replace Everything at Once

Some people tend to consider upgrading the wardrobe and their lifestyle as a “once-in-a-several-years” occurrence. They simply replace everything. This might not be wise. Even if you can afford to do that, just tell yourself that it is not needed at the moment. If you have misunderstood about the style you want to go for, replacing the whole wardrobe might be a very expensive mistake.

Learn from your past mistakes. Didn’t you have a set of clothes which you have never worn? What if you buy a whole new set of clothes and end up hating them? You can always shop in little blackbird women’s clothing store and pick out what you need to have not what you consider “nice to have”.

Gradual Versus Frequent Upgrading

Once you have finalized what sort of clothing you wear on a regular basis, the game begins. It will be a long one because you wouldn’t stop buying clothes for a long time. But if you don’t do it for the right objective then it is going to be a very expensive game for you. Just stop and think about how many tops you need.

What colour they are and whether you have enough number of pants or skirts to go with. Take one segment of your life at a time. For example, if you take office clothes, how many blouses you have to pair with what colour pants, and whether you have suitable footwear for these. If you feel there is a void then you can go for a new item or items considering the budget as well.

If you plan things out accurately, you can use the money wisely, not commit an expensive mistake and save some money to buy even better clothes in the future.


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