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Cool Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

The tradition of gift-giving has been practiced for many years now. When you give a gift to someone, you’re letting them know that you appreciate and love them. The gift doesn’t have to be the most expensive one as you can always give a gift that’s cheap yet functional.

Moreover, it’s the thought that counts. When you gift, it should come from the heart. Don’t expect anything in return. However, giving a gift isn’t an easy task, especially if you don’t do it often. If you want to surprise a special person in your life on his/her birthday, here are some cool gift ideas you can take into consideration.


Learning is a never-ending process. If you want to give a gift of knowledge, a book is a wonderful gift idea. Take note that reading a book can help boost memory function, make you feel relax, and so on. So, give a book to the important person in your life. It can be action and adventure, classic, crime, historical fiction, or mystery, among others.

Wardrobe Essential

Is the person close to your heart? You may gift wardrobe essentials like basic t-shirt, denim jacket, denim jeans or a pair of quality shoes. The latter is perfect if he/she is always on the go. Make sure to know his/her right shoe size, though. When you shop for a pair of shoes, purchase shoe insoles as well. You may give one that’s made of fleece that the receiver can wear during winter season.

Piece of Art

If the birthday celebrant is an art aficionado, you may gift a piece of art that he/she can hang at the bedroom or living room area. It can be from his/her favourite artist or from your recent travel overseas. If you have a knack in painting, you may DIY. The receiver will appreciate more, for sure.

Monthly Subscription

If you don’t have time to shop around to look for that perfect birthday gift, you may gift a monthly subscription. It can be a digital subscription, such Hulu, Netflix and Spotify. It can be a date night or food and wine subscription, too. If the receiver is a new parent, you may gift a 1-year diaper subscription for the baby. It can help them save on expensive diapers, without a doubt.

A Decent Watch

An accessory like a watch is a must-have these days, still. Yes, a smartphone can help tell the time, but it can be a distraction, especially during meetings. Moreover, it’s inconvenient to take the smartphone out from the bag in the midst of a crowd. For that reason, give a decent watch. It doesn’t have to be a luxury watch, though.

A Pair of Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can’t only improve someone’s look, but it can help protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, too. Gift a pair of sunglasses that is ideal for the receiver’s face shape.

The birthday gift ideas are endless. Just pick ones that are fine and practical.


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