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Buying Suits Online – Is It Worth it?

All men need good suits in their closet. It’s become very common to purchase them online – after all, you never have to leave home. But is it a good idea? We ran through the pros and cons, telling you everything you need to know.


Freely Available

You don’t have to get out of bed. You also have thousands of retailers at your fingertips. Considering that suits come in all kinds of styles and materials, having so many people to work with helps you snag the right one.

Low Cost

If you compare online sellers to their physical counterparts, you’ll realize that they sell goods at a more affordable rate. This is as they have fewer overhead costs. This is what you want when buying suits as they can be expensive.

As you’ll be able to find more sellers to work with online than in person, you’ll also be able to find a shop that offers the type of suit you want, at the lowest possible rate.

More Options

Let’s say you want a suit made from a very specific blend of wool. Unfortunately, the stores in your area aren’t offering them. The internet is global, so you can find a seller offering it abroad.

There may be a suit from a specific brand you’re fond of. However, they have no stores in your region. Thankfully, the internet is available.


Bad Fit

Whatever suit you buy, it won’t fit you perfectly. It may be too big or small in certain areas. You obviously can’t find something that’ll hug your body, as you can’t try things over the internet.

No Bespoke Units

You’ll not only be able to find something that fits nicely in person, but you can also get something custom made. The tailoring experience is amazing as it makes you feel special too. Many think custom units are expensive. This is far from the truth, especially if you look around. If you’re looking for tailored suits Sydney has a really good array. Finding a quality one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg would be easy.


What you buy online may not be what you get. If you’re not careful, you could easily get scammed. What’s worse, the seller might not send what you bought at all.

Bad Handling

Let’s say you spent a lot on your suit. You wouldn’t want it to get damaged, now would you? Sadly, it may be coming from far away. And the delivery service wasn’t careful with its handling, so it’s in less than great condition.

Final Thoughts

With everything we said in mind, you now know whether buying suits online are worth it or not. Considering what we talked about, it’s clear that the internet is not the place for buying them. They are all about fit, which the internet doesn’t allow.

You not only don’t get to try suits on, but you don’t get to have one custom made. The tailoring experience is something everyone needs to try.  It may also come to you in bad condition, wasting the money you spent.


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