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6 Carry on Travel Essentials You Cannot Leave Home Without

This year hasn’t been that successful in terms of travel. For all those travel bugs waiting to get out it can be bit of a wait. However, this just means you have time to prepare not only for the destination but also laying out travel plans and of course not forgetting budgeting for the trip.

Regardless of whether you fly every couple of times a year or haven’t left the house in a while travel should be an enjoyed and purpose driven experience, even if the purpose is to lounge around a pool for a week. Here are 6 carry on travel essential items you should not forget to pack when planning your next holiday.


It doesn’t matter if you are running through airport terminals to catch your next flight or on a site seeing adventure of a new city a bag is a must. It is always advised to carry a small clutch or wallet with you just to keep all your essentials such as cash, passports and phones safe. If you are looking for cute and efficiently sized clutches, Bon Maxie has a variety of wallets to choose from.

Water bottle and snacks

Staying hydrated while travelling is crucial. The long airport waits or continuous days in the sun can leave your body dry. Sipping water every few hours keeps you alert and hydrated. Snacks such as almonds or dried fruit are better options than chips that leave you feeling thirsty. A pack of chewing gum is a great idea.

Comfortable shoes

When travelling always opt for closed shoes, it not only protects your feet, keeps it clean and warm. A comfortable pair of sneakers is advised. While wearing them you can always store a pair of flip-flops in your carry bag just in case.

Jewellery and accessories holder

There is always those go to pieces of jewellery we cannot leave without. Carrying a portable jewellery contained in your carry bag is ideal if you have brought a few options with you. Earrings, chains and even hair ties can be stored safely in your bag whenever you require it.

Charger/ headset

These two items can surely be brought to the top of our must-pack lists as we rely greatly on both items. Rolling up your headset into a tiny bundle or the case of your wireless headsets can be dropped into your carry bag so it is always with you.

Hygiene accessories

Our new normal way of life has now ensured that no one leaves the house without hand sanitizer and a pack of tissues. It is important to always carry both these with you while you travel. Other accessories such as travel toothbrushes and perfume sprays can be neatly stored in your bag for when the need arises.

The one important thing to know about travel is to always be prepared. You don’t necessarily have to lug your home with you but with these tiny hacks you will be prepared for any scenario. 


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