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Simple Basics of Getting Dolled Up Like a Princess

Are you prepping to get yourself dolled up to look like a princess, perhaps, at the prom? If you want to achieve the dream look, you need to pay loads of attention to yourself – to your body, in addition to outfits and everything else. Here are the most basic essential factors to care about when it comes to ‘dolling up’.


Your gorgeous locks are one of those things you can count on if you want to pull off the princess look. There are loads of options you could try in terms of styling your hair. Not many pay attention to factors like the shape of their face and the length of their neck. These factors matter greatly when it comes to choosing a specific hair style that will look absolutely gorgeous.


What’s a princess without make up, even if it means some blusher and mascara?You need to have a good collection of them so you can choose the best shades and types to achieve the look you want. Always go for good brands and high-quality make-up, whether it’sfor occasion use or daily use. If you are more of a ‘simple elegance’ type as mentioned above, consider opting for the best natural mascara and the best quality blushers and lipstick as they are going to be your mains.


Your nails are no less important. Ideally, you should be getting your regular manicures and pedicures done, which can almost feel mandatory. Beautiful nails make you a little more attractive. As for a princess look, it is your personal preference as to whether you’d opt for French manicure and beautifully trimmed nails, or something more interesting, suitable, and of course, pretty!


You might call this the ‘big one’ when it comes to the looks of a princess. Come to think of it, the dress is everything! It can be quite tough picking out a dress that is suitable and gorgeous at the same time. Unlike most believe, it is not always the height factor, or your physique or complexion thatdetermines how a dress looks on you. Sometimes, you just got to pick one you like and simply try it on – and it just turns out perfect.


The perfect footwear is never easy to find. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a princess look. Your shoes need to complement your dress beautifully, and that combination is sometimes not easy to make. Check out the best places to find gorgeous shoes you’re picturing and dreaming of. Start your hunt early, because, as mentioned, it isn’t always easy!


It is entirely up to you to pick your accessories, or whether you need them at all! Some would go for the minimalist look, and opt for the simplest, yet finest pieces. Others prefer jewellery and accessories that are prominent, stunning, and sparkling. Once again, however, you need to pay attention to how well a certain accessory

Suits you and your overall look. Most with smaller body structures opt for simple and charming with a touch of elegance.


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