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Should Guys Sleep in Underwear?

Are you one of them who have got the habit of sleeping in their undies? On the other hand, there are some who are totally against the idea. In this article, there is good news for the latter, and unfortunately, bad news for you. Nevertheless, it is never too late to break a habit for all good reasons. Here is why you should consider sleeping without any undies on!


Isn’t it quite obvious that any clothing on you during sleep can only add some discomfort? This is the last thing you would want in the nights when you deserve to rest and sleep. Anything that gets in the way of the process should certainly be gotten rid of! The discomfort that leads to hindered or disturbed sleep can slowly affect your mental and physical health.

It’s true that sometimes, you might not really find your undies uncomfortable at all, however, since they are tight-fitting and hugging your area, they can trap some heat and keep it a bit too warm down there, which certainly would cause you a certain level of discomfort which you sometimes maybe unconscious about until you have stirred from sleep. You might want to opt for loose-fitting boxer briefs and trunks instead if you want until you can completely break the habit and start sleeping with absolutely nothing!

Fertility Issues

Many health experts continue to warn men against sleeping in their underwear owing to more serious health concerns, particularly related to fertility. According to these experts, the habit of sleeping in underwear can have negative effects on the fertility levels of men.

The explanation here, once again, is that the heat that gets trapped underneath the undies and around the crotch can directly affect the level of sperm production. Of all nasty things that exist in the world presently, you don’t want your undies to be the reason why you end up with health issues after all!

Skin Health

Keeping your private areas free and open makes it easier for the skin around to renew and stay healthy. Putting a tight cover over the skin on these areas wouldn’t allow the skin to repair and heal the way it should.

Additionally, wearing tight undies increases the chances of bacterial growth in the area, which can eventually cause irritation, discomfort, and other skin issues that could get worse if the habit continues. Keeping your private areas free in the night helps maintain better hygiene overall, which is very important in preventing a number of possible problems related to skin and general health.

Last but Certainly Not the Least!

If you are sleeping in with your partner, you’d rather sleep naked – no question about it! Not many take it seriously, but sometimes, your hormones are everything! Whether you want to enjoy great health, happiness, love, and everything nice, your hormones decide it most of the time.

Sleeping naked with your partner releases plenty of oxytocin that will help you bond not just sexually but emotionally, too. The stronger your relationships are, the happier you can be, no matter where you go. And so, why let a pair of underpants get in the way?

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