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Reasons Why Choosing Film Over Frosted Glass Is a Bad Idea

There are two major options when it comes to achieving the blurred look in glasses: pasting films and using frosted glass. A lot of people go for films in the first place to be disappointed due to the cheapness and we’re here to save you from costly mistakes and point you in the right direction.

Let us see why choosing film over frosted glass is a bad idea, and why exactly frosted glass is the better idea.

Everything Depends on the Application

The method of application in window frosting glass Northcote doesn’t involve anything related to pasting. Pasting is what happens when it comes to film. In this form of application, the surface of the glass needs to be in the best condition.

If not, the film won’t be as elegant as it’s supposed to be. The longer and broader the film is, the harder the application. These issues aren’t therewith frosted glass you don’t have to worry about the application stage at all.

Much More Vulnerable to Be Peeled Off

Frosting doesn’t involve any type of paste. Because of this, there is no risk of being peeled off. The frosting is within the glass, and that’s that. However, films are pasted on existing glass. Hence, that alone is enough reason for them to come peeled off down the lane.

After all, they don’t necessarily have to come off completely. But the low strength of the material subjects them to be scratched here and there, and that’s quite unattractive in every other way.

Not Immune to Long Term Dust

If you’ve ever used your fingertips along with your office laptop after two days of not cleaning, you’d see just how dusty a modern office is. Despite how perfect the pasting was, there’s always going to be enough space for microscopic particles to go inside the film with time.

In fact, if the edges of a film on a glass seem to be whiter than usual, it’s the accumulation of dust. After this happens, it’s just a matter of time the dusty goes inside the film. None of these issues are there in frosted glass.

No Chances for Branding Opportunities

Most of the pasting films are just films; there’s nothing more to it. Hence, when you’re pasting these over the glass, it’s just a blurring strip. On the flip side, frosted glass has much more diverse capabilities. For example, you could throw in the business’ logo and the slogan to the blurred strip, or even could include names and designations. When you use films over frosted glass, you’re losing branding opportunities that most businesses lose.

The Glass Cannot Be Reused (Not At Least in the Way You’d Think)

A person who chooses film over frosted glass might have plans to reuse the glass. If you’re expecting a clean and brand-new-looking glass after peeling off the film, you should understand that it’s just not possible. Choosing this cheap option is a mistake that can only be fulfilled by frosted glass. That way, even if there was the relocation of the glass pieces, they would stay unchanged.

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