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Reasons to Wear Rose Quartz Jewellery

Rose quartz is also known as hyaline quartz. It is characterized by its pink coloring and there is a certain translucent quality to the stone that gives it a sense of etherealness. Rose quartz is known for feelings of love and harmony.

Rose quartz is attached to the throat and heart chakra. It has a sense of femininity and signifies pure love. There are many healing properties to this crystal and if you find yourself drawn to it, you can wear jewellery that includes stone such as rose quartz earrings, pendants, rings etc. It is always good to have rose quartz close to your so that you can bask in the feelings of harmony.

Romance is not the only feeling of love that rose quartz can speak to. There is love of all kinds such as familial love, the love you have for friends and for yourself. Self-care is also important and if you are unable to love yourself, it can be difficult to transfer that love to family and friends. There is a lot of passion attached to rose quartz. The color of the stone ranges from soft pinks to vivid violet. There are different levels of clarity as well.

The healing property of rose quartz can keep you balanced during the storm. There is a sense of peace and serenity that this stone can help you achieve in your mental state. It promotes physical healing such as boosting your heart health and improving your blood circulation. Many crystals have different strengths and purposes.

You have to think about what you are looking for in terms of mental and physical health when choosing a stone. But you can’t rely on the stone entirely when it comes to solving your problems. It is simply a guiding light that can keep you hopeful and uplifted. Due to its healing nature, it is a great gift to give to a friend or family member that is pregnant. The mother and the baby will both benefit from the stone and it will further strengthen the bond of love between them.

Many of us battle with emotional wounds and even the slightest support can be a great help. Rose quartz is also known as the heart stone and this is because it is connected to the heart chakra. It can help you heal past emotional trauma and pain. If you crave more love in your life, the heart stone can help you find it; this can be any form of love and compassion and not just romantic love.

Crystals help us connect with the rest of the world and understand ourselves a little better. A blocked heart chakra can lead to unhealthy behavior in relationships. You may not feel positive or feel love towards yourself when this happens. The connection between your heart and yourself can be restored with rose quartz so that you find more positivity in yourself to see yourself and the world in a better light.