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Beginner’s Guide to E-cigarettes

Vaping is very popular with the younger generation and it is known to be less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. But there is still a lot we don’t know about e-cigarettes such as how long-term use affects our health. Generally, most e-cigarettes in the market contain nicotine and this can be an addictive substance.

There is an e-liquid that is called vape juice that is heated when you use an e-cigarette. Once heated, this vape juice turns into a vapour that can be inhaled. Different e-cigarette brands have different flavours that they are popular for and they come up with different forms. The e-liquid contains nicotine most of the time. However, vaping has become popular because while it mimics smoking, there are fewer toxic substances in the e-liquid and you will not be at risk for smoking diseases with vaping.

However, there is more research conducted into this. There is a battery in the vaping device or e-cigarette which powers the coil that heats the e-liquid. The e-liquid is contained in a cartridge or a pod. Most of the harmful substance in tobacco smoke is absent when it comes to the vapour that comes from an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes have been classed as less harmful than cigarettes.

The risk of cancer that is connected to smoking is very much reduced with vaping and it is used as a method to help people quit smoking. You will be able to find different types of vaping devices in the market. Most of these devices come under two classifications such as open and closed systems. Open systems have replaceable coils and this can be more cost-effective. You can use different e-liquids in this kind of system and therefore, you will be able to try different flavours and levels of nicotine. Closed systems have fixed coils and the e-liquid is pre-filled. They are easier than open systems to use as you don’t need to bother with refilling the cartridge. However, they are more expensive than the open systems.

There are cigalikes that have the appearance of a regular cigarette. But they have disposable cartridges and the battery can be recharged. They are an easy-to-use form of vaping device and it is quite compact. You may be limited in the choices of flavours available. There are disposable vapes that come with a lithium-ion battery. But they can be expensive to use when you vape regularly. Vape pens have a long pen-like shape and they are usually open systems. They can be carried easily but they have lower battery life when compared to other options.

There are pod systems that can produce a lot of vapour. They are very easy to use and there is a wide range of options to explore with this type. A powerful type of vape device is mod kits and there is a wide range of devices that come with different functions and modes. The batteries are long-lasting and they are much preferred by advanced vapers. There is a bit of a learning curve with mod kits and they are not as compact as the other options in the market.