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A Summer Vacation Checklist for Men

There are tons of articles, posts and checklist for vacation must pack list for the ladies. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what they think will be vital for a summer holiday. How about the men though?

They are equally as picky as women even not even more so they too need a vacation checklist before leaving for their trip. However, though it can be assumed that men may or may not pack as much as women do, so how can a guy maximize his suitcase in the best practical and trendy way possible. Here are some must haves he should probably include in his suitcase before he leaves.

A jacket for all occasions

Sports jackets is an essential on vacation purely due to how easy and versatile it is. Assuming you are enjoying your summer vacation by the beach or up in the hills a light sports jacket ticks all the boxes. It is great to casually wear over your everyday outfits, classy enough to be worn for a dinner and night out and ideal incase it does get chilly. It saves space instead of packing multiple jackets and is usually made from materials that do not crush easily. It is the greatest substitute to carrying a jacket for all occasions.

Shirts and shorts

Would you really go to the beach without your staple shirt and shorts? The ultimate comfort wear that bridges the gap of casual, comfortable and trendy. A couple of shorts and shirts that can be mixed and matched are ideal for long stays so you do not overload your suitcase carrying different combinations. Here you can simply switch around your clothes to make the best of all your outfits. It is a smart, practical and easy way to travel.


Being on vacation probably means you will be walking around a lot. Whether it is sightseeing in town, taking a trip to the hills or just strolling through all the beach side bistros, comfortable footwear is a must.

Pack a pair of sneakers for vigorous walking, a pair of mens slippers and maybe a pair of smart evening shoes just in case there is a function. A smart choice would be to pack a closed shoe that can be worn with smart casual attire too in order to limit the suitcase space taken. Shoes usually take up quite a bit of space so this way you will be able to reduce it.


Shades, hats and plenty of sun screen are some of the other’s accessories no one should forget on vacation. The summer sun can be quite harsh on your skin no matter where you are so it is important to be ready in order to avoid sun burn. Make sure to use a water -resistant sunscreen so you are protected even if you are in water the entire day. Hats work as trendy outfit accessory and keep for you head and face shielded from the glare.


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